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« Saturday Night Live (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Comic Kevin Hart hosts; musical guest Foo Fighters performs.
Superstore (HD, TV-PG) The employees at a big-box store, including new additions and lifelong managers, must deal with the antics of their customers and colleagues.
Rookie Blue Friday the 13th (HD, TV-14) A 15-year-old missing person's case is re-opened when bones are found in a ravine, prompting Swarek to team up with his old training officer to close the case.
CSI: Miami Bloodline (HD, TV-14) When the lifeless body of a helpless murder victim is found scalped near a Native American owned casino, Horatio begins to accuse the County Supervisor.

One Day at a Time The Married Man, Part 3 (TV-PG) Ann plans to end her affair with Mark after an awkward encounter with one of Marks friends during a date at a Japanese restaurant.
The Jeffersons Try a Little Tenderness (TV-G) Louise wants to reform some kids she and George caught breaking into the store and asks her husband not to turn them in unless she fails.
All in the Family Mike Comes into Money (TV-PG) When Mike inherits some money, he refuses to give the funds to Archie as a rent payment and instead decides to donate most of it to a democratic campaign.
Maude Maude's Desperate Hours (TV-PG) While Walter is on a business trip, Maude and Vivian worry when Maude turns down a house painter's sexual advances and he threatens her with physical harm.
Good Times Willona, the Fuzz (TV-PG) Willona takes a new job in a store in order to finance Penny's ice skating lessons, but encounters problems when she discovers she must spy on customers.
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Guests include Bob Hope, Dick Van Patten and Gil Fates.

« Ace High (TV-14, PG-13, **+) A convicted criminal is saved from the gallows and hired to track down two bank robbers who have stolen a considerable amount of money.
The Professionals (TV-PG, PG-13, ***) After the wife of an arrogant millionaire and oil baron from Texas is kidnapped, he hires a group of adventurers to use their special skills to find her.
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