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Hawaii News Now at 5:30 (New)
NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt (HD, New) Crucial events and developments from the United States and around the world are covered by the anchors and correspondents of the NBC News team.
Modern Family Crying Out Loud (HD, TV-PG) Phil, Luke and Haley make Alex participate in her senior ditch day; Claire gets an offer to work for a big hotel chain, but is unsure what to do.
First Dates Should I Try To Kiss You? (HD, New, TV-PG) One dater tries to prove that age doesn't matter when it comes to love; siblings go on a double date; a dater's honest reaction is caught on a bathroom camera.
Dateline NBC The Death of Gianni Versace: A Dateline Investigation (HD, New, TV-PG) Gianni Versace's longtime partner Antonio D'Amico gives his first network television interview in the U.S. to discuss Versace's murder.

Sanford and Son The Light Housekeeper (TV-PG) Lamont hires a maid to care for Fred after he is injured in a car accident and in need of help, but the woman assigned to them only adds to Fred's problems.
All in the Family Pay the Twenty Dollars (TV-PG) After Archie picks up his dry cleaning at Jefferson Cleaners, George unexpectedly accuses him of paying with a $20 bill that is a counterfeit.
All in the Family Mike's Graduation (TV-PG) As Mike's college career comes to a close, an enthusiastic Archie believes that his son-in-law will finally be moving out, but Mike has different plans in mind.
The Jeffersons Louise's Friend (TV-G) George gets upset when he finds out Louise has become friends with a male member of her French class and he tells her men and women can't be just friends.
The Jeffersons The Old Flame (TV-G) George is excited to learn his mother will be bringing one of his old crushes to dinner, but George is overwhelmed with her actions when they're alone.
227 Father's Day (TV-PG) After spending some quality time together at a basketball game, Calvin decides he wants to move to Iceland and live with his father.

« Laramie The Track of the Jackal (TV-PG) A notorious and cowardly bounty hunter is known for bringing in his prisoners dead and now wants to take in a friend of Jess' who has been accused of murder.
Laramie Ride the Wild Wind (TV-PG) Outlaws robs the Laramie bank but one of the bandits are shot and killed by the local sheriff during the chase; the sheriff recognizes the horse.
Walker, Texas Ranger The Bachelor Party (TV-14) Walker's bachelor retreat quickly turns deadly when the Rangers are pursued by a bloodthirsty bear and a money launderer bent on revenge.
Walker, Texas Ranger Wedding Bells, Part 1 (TV-14) Ranger Walker and Alex prepare for their coming wedding, as a pair of deadly assassins makes plans to take the lives of the happy couple.
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