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Noodle and Doodle A Friend at the Hospital; Birds in My Backyard (Repeat, TV-Y) The gang makes a fruit bouquet and turns muffin liners into flowers for a friend who is in the hospital; the gang reveals how homemade birdseed is made.
Justin Time Atuk's Inukshuk; Tulip Trouble (Repeat, TV-Y) Justin, Olive and Squidgy have to deliver a large stone slab using a dog sled to help their friend Atuk build the biggest inukshuk ever.
Tree Fu Tom Hovering Humblebugs (TV-Y) Tom wants everything in Treetopolis to be perfect for when the Humblebugs visit, but everything seems to fall apart despite his hard work.
LazyTown Breakfast at Stephanie's (TV-Y) Robbie uses a device on Sportacus that stops him from using his SuperMoves, and when the kids notice, they decide to handle the situation themselves.
Zou Zou and the Caterpillar; Zou's Ant Farm (New, TV-Y) Zinnia and Zou have fun playing in the garden, until Zinna mistakes a caterpillar for a worm; Zou's desire to have a pet leads him to getting an army of ants.
Hawaii News Now at 5:00 (New)
Mister Ed Ed, the Horse Doctor (TV-G) Ed comes to the rescue when Addison's racing horse comes down with an unknown illness.
Green Acres Oliver vs. the Phone Company (TV-G) Frustrated with the outdated equipment, frequently absent operator and poor service, Oliver announces he will petition the company for modern phone service.
Green Acres Oliver Takes Over the Phone Company (TV-G) Oliver and Lisa make a huge mess of things after they take complete control over the phone company.
Flipper Mr. Marvello (TV-G) A ventriloquist wants to take Flipper to use him in his circus act, but he begins to reconsider after witnessing the boys' bond with the creature.
Flipper My Brother Flipper (TV-G) Bud and Sandy meet an elderly sponge diver on the preserve, and they are forced to take action when they discover that he is poaching.
The Partridge Family Heartbreak Keith (TV-G) When Keith enrolls in a Sociology class in college and meets a beautiful girl, he falls in love with her and wants her to leave her husband for him.
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