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CSI: Miami Die by the Sword (HD, TV-14) The team investigates when the body of a man is found cut in half, and evidence points to the Japanese mob; Natalia's injury puts her and Ryan in danger.
Rookie Blue Surprises (HD, TV-14) Andy and Nick disappear while undercover and return to find that there are changes; Sam is now a detective and has moved on while learning to work with Traci.
Modern Family Snip (HD, TV-PG) Phil goes in for a vasectomy; Jay and Gloria argue over finding out the sex of the baby; Gloria is in denial about needing maternity clothes.
Hawaii News Now at 10:00 (Repeat)

« Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Actor McLean Stevenson; retired Major League Baseball player Bob Uecker.
My Two Dads I'm Dreaming of a Holiday Episode During the holiday season, Joey begins dreaming about what the holidays will be like when they are all much older and hopefully wiser.
My Two Dads Power Struggle When Joey and Michael think Nicole and Zach are becoming too close too quickly, they order her to date other boys, so she brings home the date from hell.
Family Ties Dear Mallory (TV-PG) Mallory interviews for an opening as the advice columnist for the "Columbus Shopper's Guide" and is immediately offered the position.
Family Ties The Other Woman (TV-PG) Alex's relationship with his brother Andy is compromised when he becomes romantically involved with Lauren and focuses all his attention on his budding romance.
227 Take My Diva...Please (TV-PG) When Mary organizes a charity event featuring Diva Beverly Morris, she has to keep her from finding out that her ex-boyfriend now dates Sandra.

« Walker, Texas Ranger One Riot, One Ranger, Part 2 (TV-PG) An esteemed Texas Ranger discovers some plans for an upcoming robbery by the men who murdered his partner during a previous heist.
Sierra (TV-14, NR, ***) Ring Hassard and his father Jeff are wild horse breakers who are living in a hidden mountain due to murder accusations that are false.
Walker, Texas Ranger El Coyote, Part 1 (TV-14) Ranger Walker goes undercover as a peasant in order to gather evidence against a group of smugglers suspected of human trafficking.
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