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The Good Wife We, the Juries (HD, TV-14) Alicia and Will both take half of a couple that have been accused of drug smuggling, but cause chaos when they both insist on separate juries for their clients.
Rookie Blue Deception (HD, TV-14) A suspected pedophile is found beaten and Andy finds out Marlo has been carrying out an unauthorized investigation into the man, making her a suspect.
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (TV-PG, PG-13, **) The Angels pursue an ex-member they suspect is responsible for a series of murders that occur after the theft of a witness protection profile database.

« Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Johnny Carson welcomes actress Ann Margaret, comedian Joan Rivers and former football coach Lou Holtz to the show.
Three's Company The Odd Couples (TV-PG) In order to fend off Terri's lascivious boss Terri and Jack pose as husband and wife after they invite him and his wife over for dinner.
Three's Company Now You See It, Now You Don't (TV-PG) Jack enlists Larry and his roommates' to help him win back the money he gambled with and lost at a charity casino event attends with a socialite.
The Jeffersons State of Mind (TV-G) Louise calls for a tenants meeting after a young person moves in, bringing nonstop partying with her; the other tenants call Louise a party pooper.
The Jeffersons And Up We Go (TV-G) George and Tom play an elevator game, each hoping to break a record for going up and down, while their wives are out for the weekend visiting a spa.

« Walker, Texas Ranger Tribe (TV-PG) Ranger Walker is forced to investigate the death of an archaeologist after discovering that a longtime friend has been falsely accused of the crime.
Rio Conchos (TV-PG, NR, **+) After the Civil War, a captain, a sergeant and two ragtag prisoners ride into Mexico to stop a former Rebel officer from selling stolen rifles to the Apaches.
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